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        Let me introduce myself

 Jaroslav Stun, RNDr.      

 Born on February 26th, 1951      
 residency: Snina, Slovakia  Slovak republic      

occupation: Pharmaceutist  green cross      

 Send me an email to:      
 rndr_jaroslav_stun AT      

Hello, Im glad, I can welcome you on my renewed homepage, dedicated to a presentation of my ever growing chess works collection, I've created since early 70-ties till now.

I was born and grew up in Humenne, a small town situated in eastern Slovakia. I graduated from SPS CH (engineering industrial high-school with chemical-technological specialization) in Humenne and afterwards I continued, and successfully finished my studies on Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava.

Nowadays, I live in Snina and work as a chief-leader of a pharmacy. Im happily married and Ive got 3 children. One of them, Jaro , is even responsible for the creation and maintenance of this homepage, what Im very grateful for.

I got to the chess problems through practical and solving chess. Especially while solving the chess problems, I was thrilled by the looking for the hidden positions and combinations. Ive always been fascinated by the unrepeatable magic of a chess diagram, which combines spirit, beauty and an art together. Currently Im focusing my chess-work on the composition of the fairy chess problems the most. (My favorite figure is a Grasshopper, if youd like to know).

I love analyzing of the multiple positions of figures on a chess diagram, when Im looking for the many variable possibilities and forms of figures order in a mate pattern.

I hope you are going to like my works, and Ill be very happy and honored, if you let me know, what you think of them.